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Zomato’s Happy Rider: an Indian meme community sensation

Who is the ‘Happy Rider’?

An interview with Sonu – better known as Zomato’s Happy Rider – a delivery executive, recently went viral through a TikTok video. In the interview, he was asked questions about his earnings and what happens to orders that are cancelled. What made him an internet sensation?  His facial expression. His constant smile throughout the interview left the viewers with a smile too. 

Today’s internet culture allows us to order almost everything – medicines, food, clothing – with a few simple taps while we sit in the comfort of our homes. But it is the delivery boys like Sonu who make this possible. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or the sun is beating down, they are the ones who make it happen and try their hardest to deliver packages on time. And this video led the internet to make sure it gave credit where it was due.


How did brands react?

To pay a tribute to all its delivery executives and everything they do, Zomato’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts temporarily changed their profile picture to that of Sonu.

Lay’s also posted a picture of Sonu’s smile edited onto a packet to thank delivery executives while simultaneously promoting their new packaging.

Every once in a while, the internet comes up with a meme that is nothing short of inspiring. Sonu’s smile while talking did exactly that. Any brand that is targeting the younger generations has to keep a close watch on the meme trends and tap into it effectively. It is very difficult to keep up with the neo trends especially for brands like Zomato who target the young.

To make it simple, marketers can hire meme marketing agencies. 

Gurugram Police Department’s Twitter page very brilliantly used Sonu’s video to put forth an important message about using helmets as well.



The video also led to a number of people asking Zomato to give Sonu a raise in return for the publicity the food delivery service has received because of the video going viral. Some even suggested Sonu being Zomato’s Employee of the Month. A meme page, @zomatoin_memes, was created on Instagram to post memes solely about Sonu. 

Why did Sonu go viral?

Evidently, the impact that Sonu’s interview has had on the Indian meme culture has been huge. The expression of his face gave context that is relatable, could be recycled and tells a story. A perfect meme template!

The memes created have varied from exam season memes, Friday memes, as well as the famed steal your girl memes. 

Also, this meme went viral because it finally gave recognition and appreciation to all the delivery boys for the effort they put in. Further, in a time of deep political distress in the country, it is refreshing to see wholesome videos such as those of Sonu. 

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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