Yaar, #PehleKyuNahiBataya that Health means Wealth? :(

Is there anything at all with which you cannot associate a meme? 

Memes have undoubtedly become a super significant part of our lives. Starting from criticizing the authorities to reviewing products, memes have an influential role-play effect on our analytical mind.

Experts in digital marketing are of the view that a meme can reach and engage an audience ten times that of a regular social media post. 

The challenge remains, however, in making sure that the meme campaign doesn’t come across like a promotion. 

What is the #PeheleKyuNahiBataya campaign?

Chalo, ab bata dete hai!

One of the key highlights of the Annual Budget this year was the tax benefits under section 80D of the income tax act.

But, don’t worry, we will not bombard you with all the technical terms!

In simple words, this provision stated that the people who are paying a health insurance premium for a family member could enjoy a considerable tax deduction ranging upto Rs. 50,000.

MaxBupa Health Insurance saw this as the ideal opportunity to market their insurance products. Among the several campaigns that they undertook, Youngun India executed a meme campaign for them. 

#PehleKyuNahiBataya is a mockery of those who prioritize other things over health insurance, shown through memes. The idea was to show people the importance of health insurance and also the fact that it can actually help one save taxes. 

The campaign gained a lot of popularity among netizens. Insurance is something that is seldom approved in a household, as there remains a fear of financial theft and scandal. 

But that is not the case with health insurance. This is not only safe, but it also helps you save money and also get an added benefit of looking after your family. The memes carried forward this message with great creativity. 

Several pages started posting memes with the hashtag #PehleKyuNahiBataya which included @theindianidiot, @commercewalo, and @theaveragedesi. 

People saw a few memes every day on prioritizing health insurance and thus were driven into taking one for their family. 

Enough of talking!

Our grandfathers have been reminding us since time immemorial to get health insurance, but look at us….

The typical Indian mentality is pretty much summed up here…

Btw, Sharmaji’s son hasn’t bought health insurance yet… this may be the perfect time to impress your Dad.

The CAs have lost it…

Well, those who save taxes are truly ultra-legends!

Aap health secure karao, hum aapki marketing secure kar denge!

Explore the intricacies of a meme marketing campaign and get your brand out there on the internet. It’s time to target Gen Z with humor based promotions!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal 

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