What is Meme Marketing?

Quick question. How often do you find yourself sucked into the Internet vortex just scrolling through funny posts, tweets, videos, gifs, Memes etc on social media? The correct answer is

So what's a MEME?

It's basically a collective term used to describe a wide range of content types, often quirky and/or relatable, that instantly communicates an idea in a user-friendly form on Social Media.

For us Marketing folks, it's basically an extension to the holy trinity of Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Viral Marketing. Best of all worlds!

How Meme Marketing campaign Works :

Brand personality scan. We research and brainstorm about the brand and their communication goals so as to find out the overall tone of the Meme campaign.

Derive Memeable insights. Our Meme scientists spend hours exploring social media to find out the Perfect Balance between the cultural conversation and your campaign goals!

Making Memes. Aah the fun part. We know the communication. We know the insights. Time to tickle the creative and funny bones!

Content Distribution. Every Meme Platform has its own niche, content style and unique audience based on gender, age group, geography and a LARGE spectrum of interests. We can literally write a whole book on Meme Pages, but here is the good part - you don’t have to worry a single thing about it.

Here is a small glimpse of our Meme community network:


These are prominent Pages that drive the cultural conversations happening on Social Media and create Impact.

Meme Pages

Meme content aggregators who hold the strongest numbers when it reach and virality.

Story Telling

Short relatable tales that create an emotional impact. Story telling is an art, and these guys are the artists.

Meme Influencers

Creators who have personalized content and hold a huge influence in the Meme Community.

Here's how you can make Memes work for your Brand!

5) Drop us a message. we don't bite 😉


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