Twitter #hacked, Memes Continue!

Heard about the scheme called “21 din mein paisa double”?

The hackers sure have!

Okay, let us provide a little context here.

Last week, multiple high-profile and verified accounts on Twitter got hacked simultaneously in what has been identified till now as a crypto currency scam.

In what Twitter termed as a ‘coordinated social engineering attack’, a lot of verified accounts of public figures including Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and more started tweeting about a free ‘giveaway’.

The tweets asked people to send them $1000 in crypto currency and the concerned account holder would return double the amount to the sender. This offer was for a limited time period only, thereby entrapping some naΓ―ve netizens.

Well, we won’t be surprised if the makers of Money Heist decided to take the next season of the show to from reel to real!

Soon, panic started spreading and Twitterati surely did not hold back from tweeting about it.

Like, duh!

While memers geared up for a meme fest on Twitter, it was evident that Twitter was caught-off guards by the hackers.

And what better representation of it than through memes!

β€œWe will fix it soon”, Twitter.

Oh God, did the Simpsons predict it?

Meanwhile Ross: “I’m fine!”

While Twitter’s security team was alerted about this hack, netizens did not fail to mock the ‘ inadequate security level’ of Twitter!

Wait what did just happen here?

Might as well not lock it then!

Following a lot of chaos, in a desperate attempt to get ahead of the hackers, Twitter took away the ability of verified accounts to tweet temporarily.

You must’ve sensed what followed, right?

The ‘unverified’ Twitterati taking over the social media site through memes!

All hail the unverified!


Time to shine, my unverified bois!

Well, the meme fest did not end here!

While the hackers behind this super risky and well-planned hack operation have not been revealed yet, memes continue to roll in about them.

Laxmi Chit Fund itna technologically equip kab ho gaya?

*Illegal business!

All in all, Twitterati had a meme day and Twitter had a tough day.

As it is evident, a large number of people would have stayed unaware of this hack if not for the humorous memes that circulated!

That is the REACH of memes, folks!

With organic shares, memes get a lot more attention than any other type of content on social media.

And hence, to uplift your brand game online, try memes for marketing!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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