Twitter celebrates with Memes as Putin announces Vaccine!

Remember the excitement we had when the Indian Council of Medical Research had announced the first indigenous vaccine, Covaxin?

We definitely felt like we were on top of the world. THIS WAS IT.

Well, it wasn’t. It was rather a small glimmer of hope. Multiple questions and doubts have been raised against Covaxin and the trials. We are still not sure.

However, in the meanwhile, another major power has stepped up the game and released possibly the ‘world’s first vaccine’ against Covid-19.

President Vladimir Putin recently announced that Russia has developed the first vaccine offering “sustainable immunity” against the coronavirus. 

“This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered”, he said during a televised video conference call with government ministers.

Putin also added that his daughter has been given a shot of the new COVID-19 vaccine. This novel coronavirus vaccine has been named Sputnik V, and was developed in Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute.

The director of the Institute of Medical Parasitology announced that, “The safety of the vaccine has been confirmed. It corresponds to the safety of those vaccines that are currently on the market.”

However, experts have raised questions regarding its safety and effectiveness since it is being claimed to be approved for civilian use even before clinical trials are completed.

#RussianVaccine has been trending ever since the announcement. Memers are taking to Twitter to express their scepticism and concern regarding Sputnik V.

However, people have mostly celebrated this positive development with hilarious memes and jokes. The netizens are continuously providing us with some funny reactions and we are just LOVING it!


Jo tera hai woh mera hai!

Where will Corona hide now?

Do na humko, do na plzz

Kaafi busy now!

Go Corona GO!

Life will be easier now!

The news of the vaccine has given us a ray of hope. Yet, the future still remains to be highly uncertain. However, the only thing that is certain is the non-stop supply of memes from our end.

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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