Tooter, the Desi Twitter sparks MEMES!

Heard about the Vocal for Local drive yet? Heard about India becoming Aatmanirbhar yet?

Well, as part of this “Swadeshi Andolan”, some Indians have gone as far as creating a desi version of Twitter, called Tooter!

And while the website went active around July, it caught the attention of netizens only recently.

Modelled after Twitter and hosting a similar theme of blue and white, Tooter is proudly boasting of being another feather in the ‘Made in India’ cap!

With a Conch Shell icon (read: shank), Tooter is aiming to become the desi alternative to the American micro-blogging giant, Twitter.

This Desi Twitter has some prominent personalities as its members: PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Smriti Irani, Virat Kohli and Abhishek Bachchan among others.

It also claims to support free speech and will let users exercise their right to express their opinions freely.

What’s more, like posts on Twitter are called Tweets, posts on Tooter are called Toots!

And if all this wasn’t enough, here’s what the About Page of Tooter states:

The About page for Tooter has this to say: “We believe that India should have a Swadeshi social network. Without one we are just a digital colony of the American Twitter India Company, no different than what we were under the British East India Company. Tooter is our Swadeshi Andolan 2.0. Join us in this Andolan. Join us!”

With Tooter coming into the limelight, memers went berserk with Memes!

Enter: Memes.

Tauba tauba, saara mood kharab kar diya.

My Eyes, My Eyes!

What is the fuss Russ?

Tooter Coder: *cries in Java*

Well well, even though the website went live around 4-5 months back, it became famous overnight now thanks to MEMES!

With their amazing ability to make people laugh, connect with millennials and lead the conversation on the internet, memes are definitely the next big thing!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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