The Utility of Memes in Influencer Marketing

Entering the year 2019, We all noticed a spike in brand’s spending on Influencer Marketing, but have you seen a brand making use of memes for influencer marketing. So, lets talk about this topic in more detail.

The Influencer Marketing Industry

Almost every Influencer was seen endorsing some sort of product, be it a Cat A Influencer or a Cat C.

Many brands are finally understanding that selling requires more than just running Digital Ads and it’s all about the emotional connect from now on.

Thus, Brands are portraying their individual personality and  establishing a personal connection with the people.

This process requires a medium and influencer marketing is emerging as a promising one in 2019. 


Is Influencer Marketing only restricted to Youtubers /  Bloggers / Publishers or there is much more to it which is yet to be explored?


Many brands are slowly entering the Meme Marketing space and now making use of memes for influencer marketing campaigns. This is turning out to be an effective strategy, when it comes to connecting with the youth.

How Memes Influence People?

Memes represent the Youth culture today. Hence, If you want to know what interests the youth today, you should start by exploring their Instagram feed and trust us you’ll mostly see Memes there…

Every meme we see has a story behind it and the story is well acknowledged and accepted by many. On the other hand people do their own research to understand the meme if required.

We as humans want to be part of a community and feel proud of it, that is our default setting.

Being part of a community and  knowing that there are many who can relate to a meme gives us a positive feeling. Hence it allows memes to create an influence on our lives and contribute to community building.

Also, Memes can be produced around any possible subject, there is no limit. It can be around Game of Thrones or go as specific as a scientific joke.

Imagine the level of personal connect a brand can have if their memes are able to build this kind of relationship with their audience.


Wondering what change can possibly happen if brands post Memes on their Social Handles. How will it reach to the masses?


The Answer to your question is Meme Pages. There are  Millions of pages on Social Media which are run by people who are passionate about memes. Above all, each meme page carries a loyal and mass audience.

The Memes that we produce are seeded into social media through these Meme Pages which in turn helps the brands achieve the kind of mass impact they expect through their Meme Marketing campaign.

Feel free to discover more about Meme Marketing at Youngun India.

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