The Meme Game of Paatal Lok!

“WhatsApp pe padha hai, ye toh Meme Lok ho gaya hai!”

Amazon Prime’s latest crime thriller Paatal Lok, which premiered merely a week back, has already become a hot topic on the internet. The web-series has received praises on its authenticity in portraying the darker side of the Indian society. 

The show follows the investigation of a murder conspiracy of a renowned journalist, led by a cynical inspector, Hathi Ram Chaudhury. It shows how he has to descent into the unapologetic and chaotic “paatal lok” to uncover the truth. The series explores the interaction between the four estates of democracy.

Produced by Anushka Sharma, this web series has already been called a masterpiece. Several have proclaimed this to be the “baap” of series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur.

The social media platforms have been flooded with appreciation and praises for the realistic story and portrayals by the actors. 

But what has really got the people to open up their devices and binge watch the show, are the memes. Ever since the premiere, the memes have been spreading like wildfire. 

The memers after watching Paatal Lok were like…

When it comes to memes, people don’t want to miss out on anything. To fully understand the reference, people have started to binge watch this show. 

The lockdown has just been a blessing in disguise for the makers of the show. With memers sitting at home, the promotion of the show has been on the rise with the creative medium of memes. 

The catchy dialogues of the show has helped the Indian Meme Community to produce some hilarious content. The netizens are converting lines like “Camera nikaal”, and “ maine whatsapp pe padha tha” into memes that are leaving us in awe.

But wait, hold on…

Let’s take a look at the memes:

Literally everyone’s Instagram story during lockdown:

Oops, everyone’s guilty of this…

Maa ki baat maano!

We have all been there!

Remember this?

The brands have also not left any stone unturned in promoting their brand through these memes…

Tinder has a new way of explaining the three loks to us:

As usual, Mumbai Police did not disappoint us!

Ahem Ahem…

The customized version of the three loks seems to be the favorite template among most brands:

Guess who also took part in this meme-play?

The producer of the show, Anushka Sharma, also shared a meme featuring the ‘swarg’, ‘dharti’ and ‘pataal lok’, taking pictures from her own movies. She captioned it as, “Hi this is a ‘Lok(y)’ reminder to tell that #PaatalLok is live, watch NOW.” Have a look…

Here are some of our favorite memes from the show!

But again, there are some sly people around as well…. Don’t be one of them!

The memes have said enough…..

If you haven’t watched the show yet, we just have one piece of advice for you:

“If a man likes dogs, he is a good man, if a dog likes man, he is a good man.” #SpoilerWithoutContext

This recent example of a show gaining immense popularity through memes is an impressive feather in the meme marketing cap, ain’t it?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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