The Meme Fleet on Twitter!

Right from:

Wait, let me put a picture of this on my Snap story! 


Wait, let me show off this expensive dish on my IG Story! 


Let me update this on my WhatsApp Story (who even did that?) 

We have a new kind of ‘Story’ in the house!

Yep, Twitter, the one where people can only rant in 280 characters, has launched a new feature – called Fleets. 

Fleets are similar to ‘stories’, in the sense they will allow users to share their momentary thoughts, reactions and ahem, opinions in a format which will disappear after 24 hours. (thank God!)

This feature is believed to have arisen as a result of a lot of people hesitating to ‘tweet’ since it had a permanent touch to it, along with being publicly available. 

It has been discovered that as a result of this, Twitter has launched a new format hoping that people will now use the platform more.

What’s more, this feature has just rolled out, and India is only among the first three countries to get this feature.

And well well well, needless to say, the Indian meme community did not fail to capitalize on this meme-ful opportunity!

As soon as the feature was announced, the internet world went nuts!

From mocking Twitter for blatantly copying the format from other apps to making fun of other apps already using it, it was a meme parade on the internet!

Instagram has been a popular platform for stories up until now. Memers caught on to this and memes mocking Instagram’s farewell started doing the rounds!

Nakal ke liye bhi akkal chahiye hoti hai!

Amidst this meme storm, came a new topic: the still non-existent edit button.

It has been years since users keep pointing out a missing edit button, so that they can edit their published tweets for grammatical mistakes and so on.

Many users were disappointed and disheartened at the fact that Twitter decided to ignore the need for an Edit Button. AGAIN.

Users complained how they were forced with the new Fleets instead of what was actually needed – an option to edit.

Soon after the coveted announcement, the feedback on fleets became a top trending hashtag on Twitter itself!

Now that’s how you roll, boi!

While people complained about the feature, they also admitted their love for Twitter and the resultant helplessness of users.

Well, all we can say is that after a long field day at Instagram and Twitter, the Indian Meme Community proved, yet again, about their ability to attract people’s attention and invite responses!

It goes without saying that memes have immense potential today, and can transform your brand’s digital presence exponentially!

Try it once and give your brand a desirable makeover!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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