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In this age of rapidness and haste, people are surrounded by many things and brands definitely try to be around. Agile marketers are constantly finding windows to tap the consumer’s attention and increase engagement. Let’s have a look at some of the latest methods of advertising of todays age.

The year 2019 hit the world of marketing like a meteor which opened so many portals that marketers were not ready for.

If we talk about Social Media Marketing, following are the latest methods of advertising for this Year and beyond:


More and More Videos  

Digital PR

AI Bots/Chatbots 

Messenger Marketing  


Memes….! Ring any bells?

People consume Memes every day irrespective of any demographic division.

In short, memes have the synergy of template and a text that connects.

After seeing such explanations about Memes, some of  you must be like:


Most importantly, Memes have become a means of storytelling. Also, the added element of humor in today’s world leads us to a new attention space for brands. Further this attention space allows us to explore more in the Digital Marketing domain.

So, Memes + Marketing = ?

At this point, Marketers might think of the fact that Memes lack discipline and Regulation unlike other modes of  Advertising.

To that, I would love to mention that we (Youngun India) specialize in crafting psychology driven Memes which serves the brand objectives and helps the brand  with valuable Insights based on which Meme Campaigns are designed. 

Culture is the lens through which consumers make sense of marketing communication.

Consequently, In today’s world, every information be it about Society,  Politics, Social, Bollywood, Sports, News, everything is transmitted through Memes in Social Media.

Thanks to those young Meme page admins who have a  passion for Memes and keep their content alive every  day without fail <3

It is time Digital Marketing Agencies understand the  fact that…


There is a lot happening in this domain already, many Indian brands are successfully implementing Meme campaigns on Social Media. If you find this concept interesting, you can discover more about meme marketing at Youngun India. 


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