The Key to Youth Marketing: MEMES!

Marketing is not a recent concept, it is something prevailing ever since people had things to sell. But, you can’t deny the fact that modes of marketing have changed along with time. This article puts light on one the latest mode, and the key to Youth Marketing: MEMES!

A major transformation has been seen in marketing – from newspaper advertisement to witty brand wars on Twitter, we’ve come a long way!

It’s understood that any business can be valueless without good marketing.

Fair enough! Let’s first understand what marketing is and how it is evolving with technology. 

How marketing changed with time?

If we scratch out the meaning from the dictionary, marketing is the activity of showing and advertising a company’s products in the best possible way.

Remember the time when we used to recite Jingles we saw on television? We have come a long way from Jingles such as The Taste of India by Amul, Googly Woogly Woosh by Ponds, Washing powder by Nirma and many more to not watching ads on TV anymore.

But why did we forget those jingles in the first place?  

Well, because millennials started low-key hating ads.

What do millennials want?

Arey! Bhai chahte kya ho? What do millennials expect from Brands today? 

Well, let us enlighten you!

Millennials want to communicate in real time while adapting the latest technology. They also expect brands to be transparent and provide authentic content as it helps them to connect.

The relevance of communicating through visuals is increasing rapidly.

But wait, before you dive deep into visual ads, you should know what millennials do NOT want:


Yes, that’s right, they’re tired of rolling their eyes everytime they see a brand pushing for conversions through forced, boring advertisements.

Millennials everytime a brand interrupts their meme-scrolling time:

Confused about how to proceed with marketing then?

It’s super simple. Just do what millennials do and make them feel connected!

Yes my friends, the key to youth marketing is meme marketing!  

Being one of the most powerful tools to influence people, memes are funny, relatable and most importantly – don’t look forced!

Millennials love memes, and brands love millennials, so basically – brands should start loving memes!

So what are you waiting for?

Hop onto the meme marketing wagon and give your brand a meme-makeover!

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

Team Youngun India

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