That’s how marketing is ‘Dun’: Dunzo

Rise of Online Delivery Services in India

In the past 2-5 years, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the home delivery sector. Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have taken over food delivery, Ola,Uber and Rapido have taken over ride hailing services and apps like Urban Clap have introduced new dimensions of service-delivery.

But Dunzo has proved to be the ‘baap’ of them all – it has combined every possible service which can be provided online. It demonstrates the next big philosophy of a brand ecosystem.

What is Dunzo?

While we are sure most of us know about it, we thought why not give it a little introduction to begin with!

Dunzo is basically, an app which provides delivery and transportation services.

Its services include food delivery, bike-taxi, pick and drop facilities, package delivery, local couriers and the list goes on. Basically if you have to move anything from one place to another, Dunzo is your go to destination. 

You name it, and they will deliver it (at least that’s what they claim!)

But what is so special about it?

Well, this app essentially caught the Indian millennial’s attention through its unmatched marketing game.

Through creative and clever copies and humor, it has successfully built its recall value.

Dunzo's Marketing Game

Dunzo has the first mover’s advantage in India. Thanks to its sound strategy, Dunzo became Google’s first direct investment in India. 

It faces several challenges in its marketing pursuit. One of the major ones is to make people aware about the almost infinite possibilities of their app. Hence, spreading awareness on the multi-utility of their app is what their main focus is. 

What is notable is that Dunzo hasn’t made any investment on any influencer or celebrity endorsements

Marketing with the Trend

Dunzo has been at the top of its marketing game and promotions, here are a few tool/formats they have used-


  • Bollywood References:

Dunzo makes use of Bollywood phrases, dialogues and references to attract the people’s attention. Its daily offers are usually woven around strong song or movie titles. Some examples include


  • Moment Marketing:

Dunzois quick on its feet with moment marketing. It delivers on recent events and happenings around the nation as well as the globe. 

Some examples are:

This creative was in response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in the nation:

The following creative was in response to the results of the Delhi Elections conducted in February which, the Aam Aadmi Party won:


  • Comic Series:

Dunzo has come up with a very unique form of engaging with the audience – through a comic series!

It has begun a comic series called “Dunya Ki Duniya” revolving around a character called “Dunya” and her everyday instances:


  • Meme Marketing:

Dunzo has been an active trend follower with respect to memes and marketing. As soon as a new format becomes trending on the internet, Dunzo is quick to adapt to it.

This is how it adapted to the global #range format and took a dig at competitors including Zomato, Swiggy, Groafers and Rapido:


Here they used the famous meme of the dude with a sign-


The success of Dunzo’s marketing is proved by the fact that it has become a verb – let’s Dunzo it!

Just like “Google it”!

It is important for brands to come up with trending marketing tactics to increase their audience engagement.

As businesses grow, it is important to cut through the clutter and reach the right audience. For that modern marketing tools are at the disposal which advertising agencies need to wield.

Meet the sword-smiths of modern Meme Marketing and back your brand with the power of the youth!

Article by- Dishika Bakliwal

Team Youngun India

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