Making Memes on every dialogue of Avengers End Game ! Story of Marvel Cosmos

Marvel Cinematic Universe - MCU

If you don’t know what MCU is, there is nothing for you to read!

Just kidding…or not!

For those in the unknown, here are two things: First, an explanation of what MCU is and second, an advice to ditch your routine and watch the entire movie series. 

Well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU movies are a series of American films which revolve around characters from the original Marvel comics.

The MCU series started in 2007and has 23 films till now. The craze around the Marvel series can be proved from the fact that it is the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time at the international box office. 

Some of the popular franchises of MCU are Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Ant-Man etc.

Ring a bell now?

Well, the memes certainly will!

The love for Marvel Memes

The love for the Marvel movies is great; the love for Marvel memes is greater.

While some parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are science-fiction, some parts are extremely relatable. It is these relatable parts get converted into memes and serve humor.

In fact, the relatively latest movies of the series enjoyed a lot of free promotion through just memes!

Even though it is a Hollywood series, its love knows no bounds in India. 

It is worth mentioning that how the Indian meme community is evolving to incorporate more and more niches, one of which is notably the MCU memes. 

The Indian meme community has embraced this global sensation with open arms and lots of relatable memes.

There are several meme pages and fan pages dedicated to the Marvel series. One of them which we absolutely love is @marvel_cosmos


Marvel Cosmos is a passionate project by a die-hard fan of the Marvel series. 

It is not just a regular meme page. It is a meme page with a mission.

The admin of the page has set out to create a meme out of every dialogue of The Avengers: Endgame.


With a meme posted almost daily, the page has garnered a lot of followers and Marvel lovers. Freshly made for the Indian youth, the memes are super relatable and humorous.

A parallel can be drawn between the creator and the influencers present on Instagram. Just like influencers launch products, advertise and curate digital campaigns and projects, the creator of this page has started a funny and unique digital project of its own.

Creating a meme around every dialogue demands effort and creative thinking. The creator’s passion is worthy of appreciation.

Through an increased and loyal following, the creator is also able to promote their YouTube channel on the meme page, without coming across as too sale-sy.

We love Marvel Memes

Creative projects like these which are centered on memes are widely popular. Meme niches never let the subject slip out of the youth’s mind. 

The Indian meme community has certainly adapted itself to more global content. It has evolved so as to incorporate international sensations, wider niches and more audience choices.

For a greater insight into this article, do check out @marvel_cosmos on Instagram! We love you 3000!

And for more on Meme Marketing check out @YoungunIndia

Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


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