Season 3 Dark: The Meme Cycle Begins!

The entire social media is filled with it; you’d be lying if you say you haven’t heard about ‘Dark’!

Well, Netflix’s popular German series, Dark released its third and final season on June 27th and the ‘FINAL CYCLE’ has begun!

The series starring German actors like Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari and others has been considered as one of the most fascinating science-fiction shows to have been produced by Netflix.

After being kept in suspense at the end of the second season, fans have been eagerly waiting to witness the ultimate finale of this mind-blowing series. 

For the newcomers to the show, well, we can’t exactly explain what this show is about! (partly because it is difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain! )

Dekho, it’s simple!

The show basically has countless timelines, endless discussions on paradoxes and God’s Particle, lots of random riddles in German, space-time continuum and all those topics taught in the science classes that we had bunked in school!

In order to fully understand the show, you have to view the seasons more than once, possibly with a pen and paper!

The series, being such a unique and mind-blowing one, has provided enough material for the Indian Meme Community.

And, as expected, soon after the release of the trailer, the meme show started…

The Twitterati went crazy as they seemed to be extremely confused with the complexity of the plot!

The memes revolved around two aspects: firstly, about the excessive complexity of the show, secondly about the show itself.

Let’s explore the former aspect!

Kuch samajh mey nahi aa raha bro!

We have all been through this dude! (Infact our past is going through this…)

We had already asked you to keep your pen and pencil ready!

Umm.. Its just a little bit of effort from your side.. Umm LITTLE?

Moving on, the series also led to a lot of memes inspired from the show.

The Cycle Repeats!

Inception, what?


As Dark comes to an end, with its final season, all we can say is “For neither ever, nor never…Goodbye.”

Well, Dark managed to gain multiple ‘new’ watchers for its third season through an ‘online agent’.

Which agent?


Millennials who hadn’t watched or even heard of the show earlier started to watch it right from season 1 in order to catch the latest conversation online.

That, my friend, is the POWER of memes and meme marketing!

Memes awaken curiosity among youngsters which makes the subject a talking point amidst them.

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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