Roachman Begins – A Travis Scott Meme Story!

Even for Indians, Halloween is a time for some really spooky parties and costumes. The one day of the year where the entire world just jumps into getting their most horrific look ready!

Just like the Met Gala, Halloween is also a time, when we see our favorite celebrities dressing up in unique dresses that we all go gaga about…

Remember Kevin Hart dressing up as his buddy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

We be like…….

Just as most celebs are praised for their creative costume choices, there are some who don’t enjoy a Happy Halloween as well…

Rapper Travis Scott fell into the abyss of trolls with his Halloween costume. The “Sicko Mode” rapper chose to dress up as Batman this year.

Buuuuttt…. Ummm…

Unfortunately, yes.

The costume resembled the Batman Returns (1992) costume that Michael Keaton had popularized. However, Travis tried to have his own take on the costume by changing the color to brown, instead of black. Brown happens to be Travis Scott’s signature color!

Although Travis posted a series of clicks of him getting suited with the costume, the fans were definitely not very pleased with it.

Following this, dank memers stormed the internet and heavily trolled Travis for his new variation to the iconic Batman costume. 

Netizens showed no mercy for the rapper with their dank memes. Some started referring to him as a cockroach!

Yaar, dil se bura lagta hai.

The meal looks fab though

Fans created such hilarious memes that we couldn’t stop ROFL!!!



The last one is our favourite!

Picture ke saath toh match hi nahi huwa yeh!

Which is Which?

Not Accepted!


The trolling didn’t go down well with Travis Scott… Just a day after Halloween, Travis Scott deactivated his account on Instagram. This led the fans to criticize the memers on being disrespectful.

However, the reason for him leaving Instagram is not quite clear. Some are of the opinion that he has left Instagram due to the continuous trolling, while others say that he is just taking a break from Instagram to work on his upcoming album!

The Roach memes have taken the Internet by a storm. This has just been another way of showing us how impactful memes are in our life! 

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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