Rashi, Rasoda and MEMES!

“Rasode mein kaun tha? KAUN THA? 

Mai thi? Tum thi? Kaun tha?

Rashi Ben!

Vo Rashi…rashi rashi rashi…

Cooker mein se chane nikal diye, 

Aur khaali cooker gas par chadha diya…chadha diya chadha diya!” 

(If you didn’t sing this, we would be forced to judge your meme knowledge!)

I think it’s safe to say that the Rashi rap by Yashraj Mukhate has effectively dethroned the Nirma Ad jingle!

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s the deal:

On a random day last week, everyone’s social media was flooded with an exceedingly catchy dialogue-turned-composition from a popular Indian daily soap opera, Saath Nibhana Saathiya. 

This composition was curated by Yashraj Mukhate and well, he quite literally shot to fame overnight!

Videos, memes and similar versions started cropping up soon after the original video went viral! 

Even brands started taking part in this meme fest and left everybody grooving to the mini song.

In fact, #Rashi trended on the top spot on Twitter in India! 

Apart from Rashi, one keyword that stuck to everyone’s minds is RASODA. 

That’s right folks, Kokila Ben calls ‘rasoi’ (or, kitchen) – Rasoda!

As you can obviously imagine, memers went absolutely crazy and the internet witnessed a storm of Rashi, Rasoda and Gopi Bahu memes!

It’s stuck!

1 crore rupay!

Another meme topic was the “channe and cooker”! And and, Rashi Ben putting the cooker on the stove without the channa!

Jaane do yaar!

Channa has become a star!

Well, we’ve found the answer:

Rosode mein kaun tha? Kaun tha?



That’s right! Be it Rasoda, internet or millennials’ minds, har jagah Memes hi hai!

The past week witnessed the true potential of an engaging piece of content finding its way to millennials’ hearts. 

If your content is catchy, humorous and relatable, trust us when we say that it’ll get the message across. With meme marketing, your marketing efforts can do wonders!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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