PUBG Banned, MEMES Rocked!

Gamers disappointed, parents and partners elated. That’s right folks, the government banned the country wide frenzy mobile video game, PUGB. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, “was” (brb, crying) an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game was released in China and India after Shenzhen-based Tencent Games bought some stake in the game.

And in a recent move by the Indian government to ban Chinese apps that seemed to compromise Indians’ cyber security, PUBG couldn’t survive.

While PUBG’s ban came a lot later than some of the earlier app bans, it took the entire country by a storm.

This move left the youth of the country devastated, and their parents elated (duh.)

There were various reasons people felt that the game can’t be replaced, mainly because of its accessibility, graphic qualities, gameplay, player salaries and the massive tournaments. 

Gamers and memers were not hesitant to express their dissent about this move online, all you could see on your social media was how this “put se headshot” had the youth craving their chicken dinner.

Our TLs flooded with both sentiments – how happy parents were that their kids will finally look up from their phones and not constantly yell, “ revive de yaar kya kar raha hai”. And on the parallel, the sadness of pro PUBG players, who used to be up all night trying to get that chicken dinner. 

Guess we are all patriots till the government decides to ban our favourite game.

Tencent, the company that developed and marketed the app, was also not left outside the internet loop of mockery because of how quickly the game ended their franchise with it.

There are the noob players who are just sad, but for the more dedicated ones who bought their RPs and the YouTubers streaming the game, the ground was shaking under their feet!

While we were busy mourning the loss of PUBG, Akshay Kumar, just had ‘a scheme’ in his mind and came to the rescue with our very own Indian version of the game which actually contributes to the INA called FAU-G. 

Um yes, PUBG out, FAU-G in.

And needless to say, memers shifted focus!

We just have our fingers crossed that our Chicken Dinner doesn’t turn into Rajma Chawal soon.

Well, well, well, whatever good or bad came out if it, one thing has become very clear, the only way to get through to today’s youth is to either ban their favourite video game, or flood their feeds with memes!

And since we don’t have the power to do the former (nor do we want to, trust us), the latter is what we do. 

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Article written by Shriya Gaur

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