Preparing for Swine Flu with Memes!

China detects Coronavirus.

It starts spreading around the world.


Unlocking starts!

Life starts getting back to normal.


China detects Swine Flu.

Umm what?

China just announced that it has discovered a new wave of Swine Flu with a human pandemic potential. That’s right! Another disease with P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C. potential.

What’s even happening, man?

With this announcement, China truly, truly caught the world off guard!

While still grappling with coronavirus, the world was not expecting another pandemic-potential disease.

After the news circulated, many people started targeting their anger towards China.

The last 5-6 months have not really been pleasant for the world as a whole.

While the world stopped amidst this new anxiety, there was one thing that didn’t stop: MEMES!

That’s right, tension nahi lene ka, meme banane ka!

With #swineflu trending, Twitterati and netizens had a lot of fun (all the while biting their nails in anxiety).

The internet was overflowing with memes about coronavirus, swine flu, pandemic 2.0, China and the dangerous nature of the year 2020.

Many people leveraged the fact that how coronavirus and swine flu would together pose a threat to humanity as a whole.

“Ye dhai kilo ka haath hai!”

We can hear Daya go “Hey Maa, Matatji!”

With the rest of the world still coping up with the lockdown, stopped economic activities and travel bans amidst other things, China just moved onto another virus!

Even Gokuldham society does not has a solution for it.


Just stop already with all these pandemics!

It’s 2020, how can we not make memes about it – this has become the favorite topic for memers around the globe!

Only Tuffy can save the world now.

Ye dukh kaahe khatam nahi hota be?

After this news, humans literally lost all H.O.P.E.

Just thinking about the potential of the disease:

While the world continues to fight with one pandemic whilst worrying about another, memers are doing the best they can to soothe the anxiety!

Any news, any event, any announcement  – the internet gets filled with memes.

With the internet space slowly becoming synonymous to memes, it is time to start experimenting with marketing.

If this article would have been ‘plain facts’, would you have read it? Nope, it was about memes and hence grasped your attention!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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