Police’s Meme Game is stronger than most of the Indian Brands

It’s 2020, India still hasn’t become a superpower yet but on the the police have found new superpowers to spread awareness to the general public.

By throwing in references of Game of Thrones, Narcos, etc to spread awareness about issues such as road safety, the twitter accounts of Bengaluru and Gurugram Police are winning the hearts of the netizens.

Here are 5 instances where the police’s meme game was on point

In an attempt to spread awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet, the Gurugram police’s Twitter handle posted a meme of Kabir Singh (played by Shahid Kapoor) riding a two wheeler with a helmet photoshopped to his face with the caption “Jab khud bachoge tabhi Preeti ko bacha paoge”. In the movie Shahid Kapoor goes to save Preeti on his motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

The replies too came through memes!

2. Say no to Drugs

With the intention of scaring drug dealers, the Bengaluru Police twitter posted this scene from Narcos and a poetic caption to go along with it.

Netflix’s reply was also quite poetic and with also maybe an offer?

3.  The Game of Road Safety

Another road safety post to remind all of us that unlike Jon Snow we should know about the importance of helmets.

The replies were humorous.

4. Nay-Walking

Aimed especially towards the youth, this GOT reference reminds us not to be too feisty when it comes to crossing roads.

They’ve even attracted fans from different shows with their genius captions.

The social media accounts of the police have done a great job in alerting the people about safety, and they did that by using things that are trending among the netizens of India. 

Brands should take note of what the social media account of the police have done. Simply posting ads isn’t going to attract customers today, especially the youth is usually busy or just immune to ads.

Brands try to put ads on social media platforms in hope of gaining attention, but they are missing out on the bigger picture that is MEMES and the Indian Meme Community.

Now the question is why are we talking about Police’s Meme Game….

How is it relevant to the Brands/Advertising Industry.

The answer is the Indian Meme Community holds a huge chunk of Youth’s attention and this is why We at Youngun India are bringing Brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture through Meme Marketing and bring more value to their Brand by Meme Marketing.

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Article written by Gou Chinlam

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