Online Classes have a MEME-ful Syllabus!

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Still in bed, 

Mic’s on mute.

Well well, black screens, talking teachers and overflowing chatboxes – that’s how the nation’s students are gearing up for their academic future! 

Because a man apparently had a Bat for dinner, we have been robbed of all our plans of partying, having fun and that pending Goa trip (as if) and are left with just broken hearts.

Wait, it led to one more thing – Online Classes.

While the nation has been continuously ‘unlocking’ after a complete lockdown, the educational institutions still remain shut. This has forced these institutions to come up with alternative methods of teaching rather than waiting for the ‘offline’ classes to resume.

While it was all fun and games initially, students have now come to realize the devastating potential of these online classes, their utter annoyance and sleep-disturbing capabilities! 

After 6 long months of doing absolutely nothing (except rona and bartan dhona), online classes have become a pain for most students.

Aur jab jab sankat aaya hai, millennials ne meme banaya hai! 

And hence, as you would have expected, started the meme fest about this alternate education system!

The meme wagon began rolling when it suddenly dawned upon students that now their 6-month long ‘holiday’ was coming to an end.

Trust us when we say this: Join class > good morning babu!

Soon, memes started pouring in about the ‘mute’ feature of online teaching platforms!

Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab, iss se lagta hai:

When someone is continuously speaking without being able to see you, sleep comes naturally!

Sing along!

We all know that one student who does this:

It’s so apt it hurts.

With classes continuing, memes are also not backing off!

Through thick and through thin, through classes and through assignments, there’s only one thing that has been constant – MEMES!

With memes taking over the internet, it’s high time they are given credit for their power to effectively communicate.

Brands must also realize that it’s only through memes they can permeate this internet generation’s minds.

DW, we are here with all things meme to help your brand get through this!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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