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Since its launch in India in 2016, Netflix has come a long way in terms of both content as well as its marketing strategy. 

One of the main strategies Netflix uses to appeal to its user base in different countries is the relatability factor by releasing regional classics and Netflix Originals. 

The success of Originals such as Sacred Games and Little Things bear testament to the fact that this strategy works in its favour.

Netflix’s marketing strategies and promotion campaigns on social media, however, are what really began to make it stand out from its competition. 

Netflix had figured out the language that its user base would not only understand but would also be impressed by before the other two online streaming giants — Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar — did.

Let’s take a look at how Netflix got its social media game right and what made it so successful!

Netflix’s social media marketing team didn’t adopt the tone of a deadpan, serious brand promoting its content (or worse, one trying too hard to appeal to the younger crowds). 

Rather, they took on the personality of a meme-loving fan of their own content.


This worked wonders considering their user base is primarily a crowd that can sense forced enthusiasm extremely easily.

By adapting to meme trends and meme-ing their own content, Netflix portrays itself as a brand that really understands the youth and most importantly, can make jokes at their own expense.

For example, when the internet began joking about how many of Netflix’s Originals featured Radhika Apte, Netflix also joined in and tweeted about its love for the actress.

This results in a high level of engagement from fans. Sometimes, as in the case of Birdbox, this level of engagement is very profitable. For some new titles that do not advertise elaborately, the hype ends up garnering a large audience through re-tweets or viral hashtags.

Their strategy to maintain this level of engagement is to have an ongoing, creative dialogue with their audiences through their posts.

Viral hashtags and internet trends are another tool that Netflix uses to get more attention from audiences while promoting the titles available to stream.

The #10yearchallenge was one of the trends Netflix US participated in to promote F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

And more recently, when Virat Kohli’s dinosaur walk went viral on Twitter, Netflix re-tweeted it with a joke about Jurassic Park.

Lastly, Netflix utilises the factor of variety in its marketing strategy for social media. 

Netflix India’s Instagram page posts at least thrice a day while their Twitter page tweets and re-tweets a lot more. Yet, constantly seeing their posts pop up on your feed doesn’t become annoying.

Why? Because they all vary greatly in format. 

The social media handles post almost every form of content possible. From text posts, polls, and trailers on Twitter, to posters, stills, and interviews on IGTV on Instagram — Netflix has got it all covered on their social media pages while also showing off their great meme game!

Here’s some of the best memes posted on Netflix’s social media handles!

From a streaming service to a favorite among youngsters, Netflix India has positioned itself in the most optimum way possible.

By meme-ifying its approach, engaging with youth and refraining from on-the-face promotions, Netflix India is a true visionary and is an example of the fact that memes are here to rule the world!

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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