Monisha Beta is the New Sensation. The Rest? “Too Middle Class”

This nation-wide lockdown due to Coronavirus has allowed us to re-watch some of the gems of Indian Television on our screens. 

Be it the epic Ramayana, or our childhood superhero Shaktimaan, we are surely having a great time revisiting our childhood days. 

Ever since the popular sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai returned to our television screens, the internet has been flooded with the memes from the show, especially the ones related to “#MonishaBeta”. 

In the show, the posh, elite and sassy mother-in-law Maya Sarabhai (played by Ratna Pathak Shah) always takes a dig at her daughter-in-law Monisha (played by Rupali Ganguly) by improvising on her language and mannerisms as they sound and look “too middle class” to Maya. 

The “Monisha Beta” memes started when the Dalgona coffee became a thing on the internet. 

Since then, the memes have been spreading like wildfire. The idea of these memes is to mock some of the common phrases that we use in our daily life. It shows the linguistic divide that people have created where a term used in English is considered to be “high class”, whereas any other term is classified as “vernacularly middle class” (in the words of Maya Sarabhai!)

The memes keep coming and the creativity level just gets better and better. Our favorite Gurugram Police also took to Twitter to share some important messages through some hilarious memes.

This also paved a way for several brands to continue with their promotion amidst this lockdown. They used the Monisha beta memes to create some amusing and entertaining memes.

Zomato explained the papri chaat in the most elite way possible. Now, hopefully, Maya Sarabhai can have them without any hesitation!

This didn’t stop with only Zomato. Swiggy and Dunzo soon followed…

Airtel India has something to say about the “signal ke dande”!

Gym karlo, but in a sassy way!

Tinder teaches people to make their relationship sound thora high-class type…

Fevikwik India fixes our vocabulary…

With such a creative way of promotion, it has to be none other than Milton…

Comedy Central couldn’t stop itself from making a crossover of Friends And Sarabhai vs Sarabhai…

We hope you’ve learned by now the difference between sophisticated terms and middle-class terms. Just kidding, bindaas bolne ka jo bolna hai!

While language difference like this runs across the world, there’s one language here to stay: the language of humorous memes.

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal 

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