Mirzapur makes the Internet come alive with MEMES!

TW: Might contain spoilers. 

If you still haven’t watched it, well:

But since there are memes ahead, we would say:

After a super impactful Season 1, Mirzapur’s second season was one of the most awaited shows by the audience.

Almost 2 years back, Mirzapur took the audience by surprise because of the ‘bhaukaal’ it created through powerful dialogues, bold visuals and a unique storyline.

The hype for season 2 was such that even its trailer led to a meme fest on social media!

For those who have somehow managed to not watch it yet, Mirzapur is a crime-thriller based on action, drugs, crimes, revenge and love. It follows the story of a mafia boss, Kaleen Bhaiya who rules Mirzapur. It has a layered storyline boasting of several themes.

Netizens had a ball as they explored multiple angles related to Mirzapur Memes.

The memes began when people started posting about watching Mirzapur. 

Yaar humne nahi dekha abhi tak, will the society accept us?

Other memes revolved around binge-watching this highly-awaited series!

Web Series > Deadlines

Ye kaha dark circles hai, ye toh jindagi hai.

And then began the memes about the series: its dialogues, plot and what not! 

Apt af.

Brb, crying.

Koi logic hai isme? Papa ko bhot lag raha tha.

Every. Uncle. Ever.

If you know, you know!

Crossovers we loved!

Akhandanand was not the father.

But soon, Mirzapur-ians started feeling gloomy since the next season won’t come out any time soon.

Don’t be sad ya, Mirzapur nahi hai but memes are here!

Be it a new web series, trending news or anything on earth, one thing remains constant ~ MEMES!

And trust us, memes can do wonders for marketing your brand!

(sorry couldn’t resist!)

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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