Memes vs Influencers | Are Memes changing the Game?

Influencer marketing has seen a rapid growth in India during 2018 with brands collaborating with influencers from small campaigns to long term contracts. But that’s just what we see from the Top. Is the hype really worth? Here’s a detailed comparison of Memes vs Influencers from marketing’s perspective.

Influencer Marketing:

90% of the time, the influencer selection process starts with parameters like :

–Number of followers

–Type of Genre

–Quality of content

And results are measured by Views, Likes and  Comments.

90% of the campaigns are executed in this manner.

But, Have you ever wondered what could be the follower’s perspective towards a sponsored post?

Let’s layer it down to how the followers could actually react to sponsored content by influencers:

Possible reactions:

–Curiosity to know the influencer’s sponsored products closely

–Over the top recall Value for brand

–Smells sponsored content and leaves the space✘

–Notices low creativity or TVC like content and makes viewers cringe✘

–Low interaction due to Monotonous content✘

–Lack of exclusivity as followers see a sponsored  brand in almost every sixth post.✘

With these wounds found in the influencer marketing space.

Meme Marketing

On the other hand, we all watch memes daily in some or the other way. (FYI you just watched it 2 seconds back)

Memes carry along them the cultural intelligence of the  generation and hence carry MASSIVE attention around  them.

For the people who spend time on social media, sponsored posts are the last thing they wish to see.

Memes tend to solve the lacking points of using influencers for brand communication and hence are a Game Changer in 2019.

Let’s have a look :

Creativity: There is no bound of creativity while making  memes and therefore you can even use a small kid’s sarcastic looks and integrate it with your message.


That’s right we just did it right away!

Interaction: There is a whole world of meme pages on  every social media platform and we can bet, If there was a scale of monotonous content, Meme pages will  be at the lowest possible end.

Exclusivity: Brands are miles away from integrating their product/services with memes to get the message out and as a result makes this a fresh attention space to explore. 

In conclusion, you must keep these pointers in your head next time you compare Memes vs Influencers for your Brand. 

You can discover more about meme marketing at Youngun India.

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