Memes Trend for #NoExamsInCovid!


The first thing which comes to mind is that this year has been bambooooozled!

Only Joey knows what that means!

Well, this year has changed the course of a lot of things. While the nation continues to fight with coronavirus, students and parents all across the country demanded that exams get cancelled.


Lack of online classes, absence of devices, weak internet connection and the list goes on and on and on.

But guess what?

We are not here to debate. We are here to MEME! (Wait, did we just use that as a verb!?)

Anyway, confused how exams and memes connect? Students weren’t!

Students across the country know the power of memes and their potential in helping reach their concerns to the right authorities!

And hence, internet had a field day with #NoExamsInCovid trending!

Memes about how this would affect different types of students, teachers, parents as well as the government soon surfaced.

Well well, this is a heartbreak for “Sharma ji ka Beta”!

Toppers to the trend be like: “O sarak, sarak udhar!”

Students are asking for cancellation of exams through memes? This is like Diwali for backbenchers!

Backbenchers: Hum isme hissa lena chahenge!

This got us rappin’!


Meanwhile, memes from the perspective of parents were also not held back!

Har ghar ki kahaani!

But wait, there’s another stakeholder in this discussion (probably the strongest one) – Government!


Kabhi deta hai?

Baat toh sahi hai!

With these memes doing the rounds on the internet, students had a ray of hope of seeing their exams get cancelled! 

And some exams literally got postponed/cancelled – for instance the “BOARD” exams now stand cancelled!

While memes might seem like a humorous way to keep your point forward, the youth is, quite visibly, choosing it to voice their opinions.

What makes memes stand out is their potential to appeal to every age group and their adaptability to every discussion genre out there.

It is high time we start tapping the potential of memes – both to voice our opinion and to strategically place our business within the millennial’s minds.

It is time to discover meme marketing.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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