MEMES: The Gossip Medium of the World

Have you ever been in that awkward situation when your conversation comes to a standstill? What do you do then? Do you just outright end the conversation or do you desperately try to look for words? 

Well, there is an effective way to continue the conversation without even uttering a single word. Don’t start thinking what that might be. You already know it. You do it everyday.

Memes convey a lot more with just a few words. So instead of explaining something to your friend, if you instead show them a meme, chances and chances are they will remember it for a longer span of time. Memes can help you initiate a conversation, no matter where you go.

This is not only constricted to the digital world. Memes are effective IRL too!

For example, when you walk into a new college, you will have to make a new set of friends. You don’t know anyone. You neither know about their ideologies nor their choices. But, Memes are universal. 

You can approach your crush with the use of Memes! Through memes you will be able to initiate a conversation with some laughter. What can be better than that?

Memes creates a comfort zone that everyone enjoys. A meme has the ability to chill people down! They are the best pacifiers to ever exist. 

Had a heated argument with your best friend? Just send them a meme. A meme will get the convo flowing again!

In a similar way, memes are essential in bonding. Memes make people come closer. People with similar interests in memes can have a great bond!

Memes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to incorporate humour into one’s daily life. It has become the essential tool to chill during the hectic schedule.

Simply scrolling through an Instagram meme page during a lunch break can take some edge off a stressful day.

Instead of discussing at lengths about memes, why not have a look at some of them!

This is the only technique we need to learn!

Memes are the only way to communicate. I’m telling you!

It’s breathtaking yk!


Who knew 10 years back that a simple picture with a caption above it could create bonds and bring about a change in people’s lives?

Well, Memes have become an essential part of our lives. 

While becoming a gossip tool across the world, memes have also transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

Wondering how?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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