Memes that left us over the Moon, thanks to ISRO!

Earlier this month, Indian Space Research Organisation chief, K Sivan, announced that India would be opening up the space sector for private companies. 

Private sector companies will now be able to carry out space-related activities like building rockets and satellites and will be able to help with launch services.

This “major reform” will also allow private sector companies to be a part of inter-planetary missions carried out by ISRO.

This decision was made in order to utilise the space sector and boost the industrial base because India is among the handful of countries with advanced space technology.

But what does interest us are the memes that followed!

After the announcement, people took to Twitter to make memes about how this move would allow private sector companies to begin capitalising ‘space’ too.

Many memes revolved around Mukesh Ambani and his potential interest in entering the ‘space industry’.

Mukesh bhai, opportunity che!

Humme pata hai, pehele aap hi jayenge!

A lot of these memes also brought American aerospace tech entrepeneur, Elon Musk, back into the spotlight. 

Usually, Musk manages to go viral on the internet because of his own behavior. But not this time.

When talking about competition in India, how can we forget Baba Ramdev!?

Now, the question is why did this announcement inspire so many memes?

Well, it provided the youth an opportunity to mock the high level of competition in the private sector.

A category of memes that is not only becoming more famous but are also very influential – political memes.

The youth is not only using memes to voice their opinions but also to talk about the political philosophies they follow.

Aasmaan bech diya re!

Naturally, this announcement brought about the wave of capitalism memes seeing how private sector companies now have an entirely new industry to compete in.

This trend of memes about ISRO’s announcement made it evident that memes are also a form of social commentary and a way to spread news.

So when something as efficient and easy to make as memes, have so much power, brands should consider integrating them into their marketing strategy.

The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure these memes fit into the current trends and aren’t problematic — especially if they are political or topical. 

Meme marketing can really work wonders for your brand!

And that’s exactly what our team of millennials at Youngun India is here to do for your brand!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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