Memes Establishing Political Discourse

Social Media has been continuously impacting popular culture unimaginably by engaging with users through various ways including memes.

 With the advent of technology in the current era, memes have gained prominence while performing exceptionally in all the fields, be it marketing, entertainment, news or even politics.

Memers who were making memes just for entertaining people, are surprised after knowing how memes can exceptionally change the culture. 

Le Memers (surprised with the impact of uproariously created memes):

Without further ado, let us try and understand the way memes are entering into the political scenario in India. The bewildering part is the memes’ reach to people who are least interested in politics, hence creating new audiences. 

Meanwhile apolitical people who come across political memes on social media after ignoring politics everywhere:

If you look convinced after looking at these memes, then you got my point. This is the influence of humor against oppression. 

This is how powerful memes are judiciously used in expressing one’s opinions without hurting the sentiments of people. 

Political humor, a mix of humor and user generated content, includes the opinions of masses and hence has a deeper impact on the audience. It is used as a tool of persuading the targeted audience without being suspected. Aahaaan!

The users of Web 2.0 are increasing uninterruptedly which is triggering participatory communication in a democratic country. 

The propaganda can be spread easily where the recipients are passive and users can understand and assess the memes which communicate information through humor and political campaigning.

Arey! Bhai , Shaanti rakho…

Let us explain through an example.

Do you remember #ZodiacTed which was viral during elections in 2016 in the U.S? Ummmm….. yes, that meme which portrayed Ted Cruz as a Zodiac killer. 

Meme pesh kiya jaye!

According to a survey by ‘Public Policy polling’, these memes influenced almost 40% voters in Florida. That’s unbelievable!

Have you ever wondered how to express your harsh opinions light-heartedly? 

Or are you scared that your views could hurt someone’s sentiments? If this is the case, then the discovery of memes is truly a blessing in disguise for you!

Every political action, policy or decision of the government is discussed on social media through trending hashtags and memes. 

These memes fill the discourse with humor and sarcasm which makes it easier to express the dissent in new age media. Whether it is demonetization or the implementation of GST, everything is being discussed through trending memes.

Influencing the youth to participate actively in the political scenarios of a country helps in spreading these trends quickly, thereby advancing the political commentary. 

Internet memes are an apt way to represent the dramatic scenes happening within the political culture. The information impacts the masses shortly.

All in all, it is evident that memes act as a tool for communicating political satire, opinions, influencing the voter’s choice and……marketing!

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

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