Memers ask “Ye Binod Binod kya hai?”

Heard about Binod yet?

Well, if you haven’t, we feel Binod for you! 

What is this #BINOD?

Our Instagram feeds and Twitter time lines have been flooded with this weird meme trend about #Binod.

This meme trend just proved how the internet is obsessed with MEMES!

Well, a YouTube channel called Slayy Point uploaded a video in mid-July called “Why Indian comments section is garbage?”

In this video, they analyzed how people commented utter crap and garbage on YouTube videos. One such comment which grasped the nation’s eyes was “Binod”.

A person by the name of Binod Tharu seemingly commented his own name without any further context.

And well, this was enough for the Indian Meme community to make it a trend!

See for yourself:

Memers went berserk when more and more people started taking part in this.

Memes ranged from how the social media is filled with Binod to how several people are unaware of the trend to how Binod is the real celebrity now.

Come on, let’s take a look at memes!

Well, there couldn’t be a more accurate representation of social media rn:

Were you also confused about the Binod trend? Well, you weren’t alone!

Control Uday, control!

The nation wants to know the identity of Binod!

Soon, everyone and everything became Binod.

It didn’t take long for the internet to point out the irony of Binod taking over genuine topics like coronavirus, depression etc.

The memes are still continuing to pour in. While some people have termed this as an useless trend, others are taking part in it by commenting “Binod” on every post they come across.

This meme trend just proved to be a blessing for the youtube channel Slayy Point. The video in talks alone has over 6 million views!

With memes surfacing everywhere, everyone was compelled to watch the video in order to know about the origin of Binod.

Turns out, memes can make you do anything!

Ever wondered what will happen if you use memes for marketing your brand?

All we can say is that the results will be a-ma-zing!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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