Meme Marketing Vs Digital Ads

Imagine a scene, where you are scrolling through YouTube and you just found out that your favourite music artist has released a song. You get all hyped up about the new single and click on the thumbnail. The screen loads, and BAM!

Suddenly you have an ad about some random company talking about their new set of bulbs, or maybe the benefits of their new shaving cream -_-

Worse case, you’ll have to watch the entire video before you get to watch what you want to. This, right here, is the inherent problem with ads. They annoy and irritate you. And the chances of you buying that product go wayyy down.

So what is it that has turned the internet-savvy generation into ad-averse individuals and made advertisements almost obsolete?

Well, to begin with, advertising requires a large amount of budget. Entrepreneurs empty their pockets with hopes to reach their customers. However, this also requires the right techniques, audience and platforms to work effectively. 

The amount of risk and uncertainty in advertising is high. In spite of making a high budget ad, one may end up with poor results.

The research firm, Forrester published in a 2019 report that; agencies were “falling further into irrelevance”. The report also concluded that reaching audiences had become quite a difficult task for the agencies as the marketing costs and the distribution of the ads across several media platforms squeezed a huge sum of money out of the accounts.

Accounts of companies after investing in an ad:

So, the bottom line is: People Hate Ads. 

The gradual rise in the ad blocking services proves this point. Here’s a report issued by Adobe and PageFair, which shows the use of desktop ad blockers, which rose from 21 million users in 2010 to 181 million users in 2015.

Another reason for the rise of ad blockers is the fact that advertisements slow down the web browsing experience. By reducing the ads, your web page loads faster and lesser data is used as a result.

Now you know why your daily internet quota finishes so early!

The biggest problem with ads is however, the fact that it fails to connect with people. And when I say people, I mean mostly the millennials since they are the ones surfing the internet all day long.

In a small amount of time, ads fail to connect with the audience, let alone market their product.

Now the obvious question arises! 


Well, we got you covered. 

This is exactly where MEMES come in. Memes are something everyone connects to, likes to see on their screen and well, not to flex or anything – there’s no Meme Blocker!

Memes are not only humorous, they are straightforward templates which an average human brain can process faster and retain for longer.

The biggest perks of a meme campaign are that it is fun, easy and extremely low cost. Not to mention its immense reach, popularity and likeability among youth present on various social media platforms.

Finally a promotion campaign which will get zero eye-rolls from the target audience!

Just imagine an internet experience without Ads! 

Wait, we’ll give you one better. Imagine ads being replaced with MEMES!!!

Wouldn’t THAT be PERFECT?

Want to know more about memes and meme marketing? 

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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