Meme Marketing Examples

Below-mentioned are some of the Meme Marketing Examples that you must know.


Unlike most luxury brands finally embraced the social media in the language they love. Gucci is one of the meme marketing examples to promote its new series of watches.
The digital marketing has been buzzing ever since the top 2 memes from the campaign actually became Gucci’s top 2 most engaged posts of all time, dethroning the Obamas.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance

It is suprising to know that a Life Insurance brand is in this list,  Edelweiss Tokio used the quirkiness of memes to combine humour  and emotion for their campaign #ThodaAurKhayaal. The objective  was to take the customers and extra mile and invest for their  family.

These catchy memes made an impact on social media and the  campaign was a huge success.



To capture attention and eyeballs of the young, tinder used some  of the viral memes for their campaign #AdultingCanWait.

These memes were deeply targeted towards the young minds using  the things they go through growing up.


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