Meme Marketing as a Social Media Strategy | Case Study

We live in a world where a message can spread like wildfire on Social Media in a matter of minutes. From valuable news to illogical trolls, everything is consumed and shared at extremely faster through Memes. So let’s find out how meme marketing as social media strategy stand out in todays age. 

Smart marketers are using this to their advantage. One such example is’s Social Media strategy.  Hint: They have their own company Meme Page. is a health and lifestyle brand that provides all fitness  related services. Starting from fitness routines, diets to fitness  gear and food supplies. takes care of all the fitness needs.

Much like the unique and fresh flavour of, the brand has  adopted a rather fresher mode of Advertising on Social Media that  is – A dedicated Meme Page of the brand is running entirely based  on Memes <3.

They are one of the few pioneers to go down the path of advertising that resonates with their target audience and have  managed to vanish the Brand-customer communication model  opted for years.

They have lowered their tone and are finally connecting with the  Youth in their language – MEMES.


So why did choose memes and disowned other options?

Let’s discuss the major 2 reasons :

The connect:

Memes take no time to establish a connection with the people, The real reason behind this is the fact that a Meme template circulates on social media and at some point acts as an authentication  stamp for the viewers after which they are likely to watch that  meme.

The Tagging Catalyst :

Tagging is considered as the most valuable engagement metric on  Social Media and the algorithms respect the fact too.

But, How many times have you seen people tagging a commercial  post ?

Well that’s not the case with Memes, People share and tag memes all the time.

Don’t Believe us ?


To compare the efficacy of memes over other mediums let’s look at another brand that used meme marketing as a social media strategy: Behrouz Biryani.

Behrouz is a food brand that makes exotic Royal Biryani.


Like, Behrouz Biryani has also used Memes. It has used influencers and other content pieces too.

So let’s compare the performance of Memes with Behrouz Biryani’s other content strategy on the basis of interaction on the post.


Clearly, in all the three these cases memes are winning the game.

With its all capabilities, we can say that this new wave of micro tales with advertising is set to take the throne of Social Media Marketing for a long time.


It is time that marketers get hold of this new creation of the internet and find help in utilizing this young force. We at Youngun India (A Meme Marketing Agency) are dedicated towards molding insights through our Meme power for your campaigns.



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