Types of Meme Marketing and its relevance with speed

Meme Culture has grown exponentially over the past few years, specially in India. Some memes come and go but some stay forever and become classic. To explain this concept lets dig into the types of meme marketing based on their relevancy with speed. 

Seasonal vs. Temporary Meme Marketing

Meme templates vary from being seasonal to temporary to evergreen in nature. Some memes like the Grumpy cat and the Drake format have become evergreen due to their timeless relevance. But all memes do not become so successful.

In the case of seasonal and temporary meme formats, it is extremely important to act quickly and communicate with the potential consumers before the template dies.

Seasonal Meme Templates

Seasonality is a characteristic. Such memes come in during a particular time, die out eventually and then they may be revived again.  

Let’s make it easier to understand through an example of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s memes.

Everybody has come across these memes but the question is, do we see them all the time, even when the show is not on air? No.

This is because such meme templates works best when the show is currently on-air and there is buzz around it.

Every seasonal template, format or meme has a certain lifetime. The problem is, nobody can guess when a new trend will come and throw the king off the throne and it is impossible to predict it. A simple solution to this is Social listening but it’s different for Meme Marketing agencies as this community works and thinks differently.

Temporary Meme Templates

Unlike seasonal meme templates which keep going on and off the internet, temporary meme templates are a one-time thing. They must be caught on by brands very quickly in order to reap th benefits.

Once their moment is over, neither do they connect with the audiences nor do they invite laughter.

The meme above is a classic example. This meme template was woven around the utterly disappointing end of the widely popular series: Game Of Thrones.

If this template is used now in another context, it won’t make any sense as it has lost essence.

If a brand or an agency uses such temporary memes today, it will only end up inviting trolls due to its lack of time sensitivity.

Speed is the Essence

For all the given types of Meme Marketing, it is difficult to overstate the significance of speed. With the pace at which trends move, brands must strive to do whatever it takes to maintain their relevance.

If your brand isn’t quick enough, your competition gains a major advantage – the first mover advantage. 

In fact, speed is a primary component in brand wars.

Meme marketing is fueled through a good response time. Making use of a ‘meme-ing’ opportunity is a marketing tactic very few know.

It is important to bear in mind that no brand can position themselves in the consumers’ mind with a slow response towards topical event that everybody is talking about. With social media taking over our lives, all innovation is powered by…SPEED.

Article written by  Dishika Bakliwal

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