Meme Marketing – An emerging attention space for Brands

The media attention is getting fragmented every passing  month and brands are on a continuous hunt for meme  marketing new attention spaces on the internet. In a  market full of fake numbers and metrics, Meme marketing  turn out to be the next promising attention space for  brands as these set of witty images and videos frame a  whole new world of the youth’s attention.


Memes have developed to a stage that they form a daily  consumption pattern in the lives of people.

We can BET, there won’t be a single instagram profile who  has not followed multiple Meme pages But you will find  thousands of profiles which don’t follow a single so  called Social Media “Influencer”.

Meme pages are Love everyone love them.


-Memes are authentic and strike personal chords with its viewers.

-Meme Creation and Amplification can be done within a limited budget.

-You don’t need deep pockets to run a meme campaign.

-People run away from sponsored Ads like its a cockroach.

–People run towards Memes like its nutella.

-Memes are breaking the content clutter and establishing  a bond with users.

Memes in advertising is still an untapped market (if we  talk about Indian Brands) although it carries a huge  potential to generate buzz around any B to C brand.

Don’t believe us ?

Watch how theses brands are creating a connection with the youth through memes:


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