Me to Memes: “Oo Ma Go Turu Lob”

I am assuming most of you must have heard the legendary names such as “Heer Ranjha”, “Romeo Juliet”, “Anarkali Salim”, “Bajirao Mastani”, and many more at some point in your life. 

Yes, these are the legendary couples whose true love stories from history are still dictated. In capitalist society, when life has evolved at a completely different pace, what do you think about True Love?

Well, Well! There might not be any particular definition of Love or say True Love as everyone might have their personal constructs of love or affection. 

But recently, after a Bengali Boy’s jibe on couples, people have started finding their true love sarcastically through trending memes. 

In his viral video, he is seen saying “Oo Ma Go Turu Lob” which means “Oh My God! True Love” in English and “हे भगवान ! सच्चा प्यार” in Hindi. 

Let’s have a look at the original video of little boy:

You might not understand the whole video, but I am damn sure you got the punch line of memes, “Oo ma go turu lob”. 

Haha! Isn’t it a very cute trend? 

Talking about cute, I’m assuming everyone has at least once in their life watched or heard about the popular show ‘Doraemon’. Remember Nobita or Suzuka ki jodi?

Well, any love story in today’s generation is incomplete without the love of “Nibba Nibbi”. Let the memes snoop into their Turu Lob stories to get a fair idea about love.

Mothers are dangerously savage, what say?

Have you ever calculated the love percentage? Haha! It’s really creepy. But it is creepier if you have believed it as well.

Does not matter how much relationship and breakups you have had, or how much was your love percentage, we all know the ultimate turu lob in India according to Indian parents: Arranged Marriage!

Meanwhile if your Kundali also gets matched: Sone pe Suhaga!

What do you think, how deep can love be? Can it urge you to make a tattoo of beloved on your body? 

Will it allow you to murder someone? Or will it make you do something that you could never do? 

Well, Munna bhaiya really had his ‘lob’ sorted (sarcasm intended).

Meanwhile Sweety:

Moving on, this defines my wardrobe more than my clothes themselves:

Dating apps are Turu Lob Light, Phone+Bed is Turu Lob Pro version!

I hope you must have found your true love under peer pressure now. LoL! 

However, I found something which I would hate in my life. What would I say then? “Oo Ma Go Turu Berekup”.

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

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