LG Meme Marketing Campaign: Case Study

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As we know Meme Marketing is all the buzz nowadays, one of the  leading electronics company, LG, came up with a genius way of  marketing its newest product in the market through…(yes, you  guessed it right!) Memes!

So today, we’ll be looking at this Meme Marketing Campaign  called #memeitwinit carried out by LG Electronics.

Quite recently, in July 2019, LG came up with its latest offering: LG  Nano IPS 1ms, the world’s first 1 millisecond gaming monitor with  the ability to achieve phenomenal color reproduction, ultra-fast  response time with a blazing speed and stunning picture quality.

We won’t go into the technical deets, because obviously none of us  are tech geeks (We are a rhyming genius!)


Here’s a glimpse of the official announcement of this contest:


Okay, so as you can see, it was a contest. A Meme-Making contest!
LG stepped up their Meme Game with a brilliantly thought over meme-making contest.

But, What was their thought behind this ?
Well, first of all, LG identified and tapped on the fact that the target audience for their gaming monitors will be mostly youngsters, who are greatly influenced by the Meme culture.

This fact was a major contributor to the success of this contest.
Since millennials and generation Z do not appreciate ads being forced down their throats, this approach was a welcoming change for them.

What’s more, the contest helped in spreading word about their  product like fire.

The Meme-Making contest not only engaged audience, it also  evoked participation. People took this as a challenge to their  Meme IQ and humour and thus resorted to making the most  creative memes.

All the participation it got was organic.

Also, we cannot forget the role of the prize. The top 3 contest  winners would win the prestigious and coveted gaming monitor!  This obviously led to more participation and response from the  public.

Some of the most creative memes that surfaced on the internet for  this contest called #memeitwinit were:


LG basically challenged memers and gamers on their creativity. As a result of which, hilarious memes flooded the internet with the creators hoping that they would win the grand prize.
This is a novel marketing method used by LG, Many brands can learn a lot from this and leverage the Meme culture to increase their audience reach.
Creating contests is not new to brands. But what happens is that brands come up with complex challenges and lame prizes like an Instagram shout out and thus end up with zero participation.
To incite people to participate, they should be asked to do something which is fun to do and easy offcourse (we are all lazy, let’s accept it).

One thing is clear: In 2019, Any marketing tactic related to memes  will rule the internet and Gen Z’s hearts.

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