Launch of #JioGlass leads to Smart MEMES!

“Eh Chashmish!”

Heard that before?

Remember how this statement used to make us feel out of place among our peers? Made us feel less cool and more of a nerd?

Well, not anymore. Because now, Jio has come up with a very “COOL” glass, called…. JioGlass.

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani has been in the news quite often these days. A few days ago he surpassed Warren Buffet, becoming the world’s sixth richest man. 

On July 15th, during Reliance’s Annual General Meet 2020, Ambani announced a number of new plans and investments. The company announced that Google will invest Rs. 33,737 cr for a 7.7 stake on Jio Platforms.

Along with this, he also announced the launch of new products such as : Jio TV+, 5G services, JioMeet, JioChat, JioGlass and many more.

Now, the most obvious question is…

JioGlass is a mixture of Augmented and Virtual Reality which have been “designed for teachers and students to enable 3D virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes via Jio Mixed Reality service”.

While Jio announced several new products, the Indian Meme Community as usual did not fail to amuse us with some amazing memes on Jio Glass.

People based their memes on the similarities of the Jio Glass with some iconic glasses used in movies and also on the fact that Ambani IS GETTING RICHER EVERYDAY!

Let’s take a look!

He did it before it was cool!

Ambani Bhagwaan Hai…samjhe?

Sahi khel gaya guru!

Bhagawan ka diya huwa sabkuch hai, phir bhi?

The perks of having a Jio Glass!

*heart skips a beat*

Memers have taken the internet by storm with these hilarious memes of Jio Glass. As the country awaits the launch of these innovative products in the market, we also realise how memes have already created such immense hype about this product.

The power of memes, ladies and gentlemen!

Well, that’s what you get once you sign up for meme marketing…

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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