Kya Aap #Aatmanirbhar Hai?

“PM Modi to address the nation at 8 PM today.”

Relax, we got you panicking, didn’t we!?

Our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has a way with words.

Anddd with millennials!

Whenever he comes on our television screens, at that patent 8 PM click strike, the nation stays glued. It is with PM Modi that the youth has become ‘excited’ to watch a national leader’s speech. Because if you don’t, well you’re going to be missing out on a lot of content, and that too for days to come!

Umm wait, this isn’t a blog to discuss politics.

Damn right, it isn’t!

So, let the meme game begin!

The Nation turns #aatmanirbhar!

The most recent speech was given by PM Modi on 12th May, 2020.

And while there were several key takeaways and announcements in the speech (uske liye jaake news padho), the millennial mind set on to one thing: AATMNIRBHARTA.

To understand this complex term, everyone googled it.  Quite literally.

Here’s the Google report from that evening after the speech aired. The term aatmanirbhar and its related terminology witnessed an outbreak on Google!

The word witnessed a sharp rise from a search score of 0 to the maximum search score of 100 in no time.

Enter: The Meaning

PM Modi appealed to Indians to become aatmanirbhar, which translates to “self-reliant” in English. 

For a more detailed meaning, aatma essentially means self and nirbhar means dependent. Voila, that adds up to “self-dependent”.

Thank us later!

PM said that India must turn self-reliant in fulfilling all its needs.

In the speech, people were asked to switch from international brands and instead support local brands. This was supported by the statement: Vocal for Local.

While the speech lasted for just 30 minutes, the memes were quick enough to circulate even before the speech ended. 

Man, they are fast!

The memes started by taking a dig at the frequent usage of the unusual word itself:

The memes soon escalated to become more flexible in their approach! From Ramayana references to Bollywood song references, the #aatmanirbharta trend did not disappoint:

Okay, one last meme!

How Local brands Vocally expressed Aatmnirbharta?

PM Modi talked about supporting local brands, hence they had to respond and how!

This new #aatmanirbharta and #vocalforlocal resulted in a meme fest on the internet, with brands advocating their Indian origin through creative posts:

On a scale of 1-10, how aatamanirbhar do you feel after reading this post?

While people have started to turn aatmanirbhar, it’s time for your brand marketing to turn aatmanirbhar as well!

Instead of relying on commercialized, promoted content, it’s time to remodel it through original meme campaigns!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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