iPhone 12 Launch leads the way for Memes!

When was the last time you thought about saving the environment?

Can’t remember?

Chiii yaar, learn something from Apple, who have ‘sacrificed’ their wall charger from their iPhone 12 box in order to save the environment, apparently.

In one of the most anticipated Apple events of 2020 scheduled on 13th October, Apple launched a new series of phones ~ iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple launches a new phone series annually and social media gets flooded with memes about its exorbitant pricing, physical design and more.

But this year, memers had new content to feast on!

What’s that you ask?

Well, Apple announced that it won’t be including the phone charger with the phone in an effort to fulfill its environmental goals and reduce its packaging by 70%, that will in turn help to reduce carbon emissions.

Now while this is a nice initiative towards protecting the environment, it, as you might have anticipated, did not go down nicely with netizens!

Social media soon flooded with memes about how this was a ninja technique to increase profits by Apple since people would be forced to buy the charger separately.

Along with the environment memes, memers didn’t leave any opportunity to mock Apple’s latest offering.

With the iPhone 12 series going back to the rectangle edge shape (which was last seen in the iPhone 5 series), social media was quick to notice the uncanny similarities.

Bade miya, Chhote miya!

Its exorbitant pricing model also caught the attention of the netizens, leading to memes about how one would have to sell their kidney in order to buy an iPhone 12!

Me going to buy iPhone 12: Maa mujhe logic nahi dikh raha.

Par sab gareeb nahi hote na laxman!

Par sab ameer bhi nahi hote na laxman!

With iPhone 12’s pricing reaching for the sky, all the while ‘saving the environment’, memes reached our hearts!

Any situation, one solution – MEMES!

Stop for a moment and think about the popularity these memes helped Apple achieve! The entire internet was talking about the grand Apple event!

As you might know by now, memes can do wonders for marketing your brand.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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