Instagram Reels trigger Humorous Memes!

Recently, the Indian government made a seemingly ‘unpredictable’ announcement of banning TikTok amidst other 59 Chinese apps.

This came as a shock as the government released a long list of apps which would now be banned in India. The list included prominent apps like Shein, CamScanner and Xender.

This decision was not welcomed by ‘TikTokers’ who had made this platform their everyday go-to app for content.

Many people had started creating content specifically for TikTok on a professional level.

Amidst this chaos, Mark Zuckerberg spotted an opportunity to tap on the wide target audience that was left stumped after the TikTok ban.

Instagram launched a new feature called ‘Reels’ which is a short-video format platform, deemed to be exceedingly similar to TikTok.

Instagram Reels allow users to create dubbed and quirky short videos of 15 seconds. Users can add filters, music and other effects to their videos.

Along with sparking curiosity, the new feature undoubtedly sparked some really interesting memes on the internet!

Memers went crazy after this new announcement.

The uncanny similarity between Instagram Reels and TikTok led to a laugh riot on Instagram:

Truer words have never been spoken.

Since Zuckerberg launched Reels amazingly quickly after the ban, he became the focus point of memes!

We bet Modiji did not mean this!

At a time when several content creators were left shocked after their favorite app’s ban, Instagram just offered them the same feature.

Obviously, memers went on and brought to light the fact that how Instagram gave ‘sharan’ to TikTokers!

AaaAAAAaaaaAAAA, come on sing along!

But wait, while TikTokers celebrated this move, there was someone who wasn’t happy – the regular users and the…MEMERS!

Several people who didn’t like TikTok did not welcome this move by Instagram.

As you can expect, memers started meme-ing about their disappointment – quite literally!

Sab bech do yaar :’(

Zakir bhai, Instagram pighal gaya re!

We can literally hear this picture, can ya?

All in all, Instagram’s new feature led to an ultimate meme riot on the internet. It explored different angles starting right from TikTokers’ happiness to other people’s disappointment.

What we can safely say is that no other, absolutely no other feature on Instagram has gained so much popularity within just a day of launching.

Can you guess the reason behind it?

Unprecedented promotion through MEMES!

With so many memes doing the rounds, millennials were inadvertently targeted to at least try the feature once!

This is the impact that memes have on today’s youth.

Brands must leverage this fact and adopt newer methods of marketing through memes.

With memes, it is possible to achieve greater engagement on social media.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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