Instagram merges with Messenger in a new Update, unleashing a plethora of Memes!

We have just one question: How far is December? 

Yaar, 2020 is really bringing so many twists and turns, it has become very difficult to keep up! Adding up to yet another twist is Instagram shaking hands with Messenger…

Well, Facebook has come up with a new update which will merge Instagram and Messenger. Through this new feature, you will be able to smoothly connect across both the platforms. 

Instagram users can directly reach out to the Messenger platform without the app and vice versa, without downloading the other app!

This merging of apps had been indicated earlier in 2019, when Mark Zuckerberg had announced his plans to integrate all social media messaging services. The merging of Instagram and Messenger may be followed by the incorporation of WhatsApp in this list!

With this new update, you will be able to change the chat colour, create selfie stickers, and chat with friends who use Facebook without downloading the app. The update also allows the ‘vanish mode’ in which messages disappear after they’re read.

The update has also replaced the DM icon of Instagram with the regular Messenger logo!

But but but….

The latest update has left a large number of netizens questioning the data privacy issues. Although Facebook has made it clear that the messaging service will have end-to-end encryption, netizens are still under a cloud of doubt!

However, not everyone expressed their concern and disappointment through angry rants. Some gifted us with what we’ve all been waiting for…

Twitter was flooded with several funny reactions and memes after Facebook launched the cross-messaging service. With people grabbing the opportunity to showcase their meme skills, we were invited to yet another Meme-Fest!

Impossible to deal with this update!

What were you saying!?

What is this app assemblage?

Munna = Mark

I’m lost. Help!

Brb… *cries in the corner*

Snakes everywhere!

The memes of the Instagram-Messenger Merging has not only given feedback to the company, but has also made the feature the talk of the town.

This is the subtle power of a meme. A small harmless picture can widen your online presence exponentially!

So what are you waiting for? Start using memes and make your brand a favorite amongst your audience!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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