Indian Memes demand #JusticeForChutki as Chhota Bheem ditched her for Indumati!

The Internet can do crazy things in crazy times. It can make the most ordinary and outlandish things gather unwanted attention and go viral. 

#JusticeforChutki is one such trend that one could have never expected to come up during an ongoing global pandemic and multiple cyclones. It is based on the popular kids’ cartoon show ‘Chhota Bheem’.

According to the trending hashtag, the netizens seem to be demanding justice for Chutki who is apparently ditched by her best friend Bheem, who plans to marry the rich Rajkumari Indumati, the princess of the fictional world of Dholakpur.

Sounds weird right?

People have compared this to the plot of Shah Rukh Khan’s 1998 hit, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where the lead character Rahul ditches his best friend, Anjali, to marry the conventionally ‘beautiful’ friend, Tina.

Netizens have started showing their anger towards ‘dhokebaaz’ Bheem, as they have called him a gold digger to have settled for someone just for fame and money. 

Bheem seems to have abandoned Chutki, who has always been a support to him and has fought alongside him and fed him laddoos, which restores his energy.

“Bheem played with Chutki’s emotions & conveniently married Indumati in the end. What were u doing the whole time wid chutki? Celebrating Christmas? Ate her laddoos, made her fight wid her own mom, made her risk her own life for u so many times! Chose money?,” wrote one angry Twitter user. 

Another one called Bheem a “cheater” and then showed support for the justice that Chutki apparently deserves.

We know things seem a little complicated here…

Well, let’s understand this the meme way!


Chutki is definitely better off without Bheem.

*cries in a corner*

See? Chutki>>>>>>>Indumati

Bheem will get some thrashing soon!

However, many Twitter users were shocked to see #JusticeForChutki, and questioned why it was trending at all?

Thank God! 

But wait, iske bhi memes hai!

Someone has finally addressed the real issue at hand rn!!

Sahi baat hai bhai! Kuch bhi…

You know this is the end, right?

If this wasn’t enough…

People went on to sign a petition to give justice to Chutki!

Check it out: 

Change – We Want Justice for Chutki.

With the hashtag going viral overnight, the makers of the show came out and clarified the rumors. They announced that Chutki, Bheem, and Indumati are all kids and no one is marrying anyone. They asked the Twitterati to not lose their cool.

Take a look!

Despite the clarification, people are still not convinced. Some have questioned the makers regarding the future of these characters. 

Well, well, well. All we gotta say is that if justice for a literal ‘cartoon character’ can trend on the internet, anything can! 

The meme community is growing day by day and enjoys a massive following. With memes, it has become possible to rule the internet and spark a conversation about anything and everything.

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What are you waiting for, Bheem to get married?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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