Humour: The best strategy for Brand communication

Humour is the best form of recreation and relaxation. For generations this genre has held its spot as a constant favourite.

Humour also comes up with an instant advantage over any form of content. If you are delivering your brand communication with Humour, People can actually digest your brand communication if you give them a good dose of humour in return through your branded content and best case scenario they might actually come back to watch it again !

Wit is a symbol of mental sharpness and the 2019 generation will grow to be the sharpest.

To suit their standards, digital media has fragmented itself into numerous entities with a mixed audience. This is also the reason why Reddit is growing at a great pace in India.

The amount of content going out every day in Digital is much more than Print, radio and TV combined. But, Talking about consumption of content, this generation spends 60% of its time on social media.

The most consumed form of content are Memes, Motivation quotes and Influencer’s content. Memes can be considered as the common link amongst the youth which binds them together in a community.

This is the reason even the big publications and the foreign media  are giving digital coverage to troll movements like Rahul Bose’s  Bananas, Area 51 raid and #JCBkikhudai.

It’s time for agencies to think out of the box and take the path less  travelled. Meme marketing is one modern tool that can be utilized  effectively and has the power to turn the tides.

It is too powerful to ignore or let go.  Think about it !


We at Youngun India are developing well tailored Meme Marketing  Plans for Brands with the potential to reach 500 Million + Youth  via network of Meme Pages.

Important Note: Meme Marketing is not about posting Memes on  your Brand Handle, It is about leveraging Meme Page’s quality  attention and being a part of the Meme Culture. This requires  knowledge and understanding of How the Meme World Works !

With controlled and orchestrated campaigns, memes can be a very  useful tool to win brand awareness and advocacy.

In today’s fabricated digital environment, Memes stand as the  strongest medium delivering organic engagement.

Meme pages and their admins have a certain hold over their  audience, probably more than Influencers do. They make memes  that make people laugh and people don’t have to spend a lot of  time on the content as they are quick and easy to consume (but  can deliver a strong message if played smartly)

The above aspects of Memes also solves the problem of upcoming  trend of short attention span which will become a major concern  for any other form of media in the near future.


In 2019, any meaningful brand communication is possible through Memes. Brands like Gucci, KFC, Brand Factory, Netflix, Nescafe and many more have already stepped up there Meme Game but they are yet to leverage Meme Marketing’s true potential

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