How WWF celebrated Earth Hour 2020 with a Meme Campaign!

Earth Hour was started in 2007 and is the WWF’s flagship global environmental movement. 

Every year, individuals, businesses, and communities are encouraged to switch off all non-essential lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on a specific day towards the end of March. 

Today, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest movements for the environment. The movement recognizes the role of the collective power of individuals in overcoming environmental challenges. This year, the theme for the movement was Give Up to Give Back.

WWF India came up with a number of activities that citizens could take part in to celebrate Earth Hour. For instance, people could post video of themselves taking the Earth Hour pledge, they could dance to the music specially created for Earth Hour and they could also share their scores of the Earth Hour Quiz with their friends. 

All these activities created a stir on the internet about the Earth Hour.

The main objective of the campaign was to encourage the youth to adopt habits that were better for the environment and to continue practicing them even after Earth Hour.

WWF also came up with twelve fictional characters called the Give Up warriors. Each of these characters promoted the small changes in our lifestyle that we could make to save the environment such as ditching plastic, saving water etc. 

The Campaign:

As a way of promoting Earth Hour, WWF India also launched a meme campaign. 

Yes, that’s right! A meme campaign to save the environment!

Indian meme pages began posting Earth Hour memes which not only managed to raise awareness about the Earth Hour, they managed to do it in a humorous way.

These memes helped further the objective of the movement since they threw light on the habits which one could adopt to help the environment.

Memes about family and friends understanding or not understanding the importance of Earth Hour helped suggest to the people that they should do their best to spread the word about the movement.

Some memes focused on the basic motive of Earth Hour that was to switch off all non-essential lights which is called the Switch Off initiative in the movement.

Meme campaigns for such causes are useful because the message has a greater impact on the younger generations. Besides, advertisements for these causes often get ignored because people believe it does not directly affect them or their individual efforts “won’t make a difference.” 

The fact that the memes for this campaign received likes ranging from a thousand likes to more than fifteen thousand likes depicts the true power and potential of meme campaigns.

Here are some more memes from the campaign!

Meme campaigns hold immense power within themselves to target the soft spot of today’s youth.

The fact that the WWF recognized this potential for a cause as serious as saving the environment, lends it all the more credibility.

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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