How to spend 0$ on advertising and win: Tesla Cybertruck

The announcement by Tesla of launching an electric version of pick up trucks had received a lot of attention. 

What was more attractive and unique was it’s design, which gathered much attention from the public. It was not like all the other trucks present in the market it had its own distinctive design, which was an eye catcher.

The popularity of pick up trucks in the U.S is evident. About 20% of new registrations in the U.S are pick up trucks and in some states the market share is over 50%.

The segment is heavily dominated by Ford F150s and Ram.

Tesla took a risk by not following the same trend of producing similar trucks in the market but instead, it went a step ahead and created a very different looking truck with all the premium quality materials, to provide quality comfort.

“CYBERTRUCK”,the name itself feels so dissimilar and exhilarating. This cool name by itself contributed to the promotion of the truck.

The company says they would spend more money on improving their technology than on ads. And they proved it by their genius advertising strategy let’s see how?

The Alien Design: The exclusive design of the cyber truck resulted in the explosion of memes over the internet. People went crazy over the exterior look of the truck. This gave the cybertruck immense publicity among the people.

The company was able to save thousands of dollars which would have been spent on advertising the truck. The idea behind choosing such a design was very clear they wanted to stand out from their competitors and they also knew people would talk about their design they would share their opinions regarding this and that exactly what happened and that led to the free advertisement.


Major publicity for the cybertruck was given by its faulty window glass. As we saw what happened in their launch event when one of their designers tested the window glass by hitting a steel ball, to everyone’s surprise it cracked. This incident exploded on the internet in the form of memes and everyone was talking about it.

But all these things worked in the favour of the company and cybertruck. More than 250,000 people have reportedly pre-ordered the cybertruck right after the event.

Surely, the company must thank the memers and the meme community out there for contributing in the promotion of the cybertruck.

At the end the launch of the cyber truck was a great success and the company received about 500,000 reservations. Tesla’s 0$ investment in the advertisement was a genius idea where they utilised the resource out there for their profit and also more and more companies should do the same.

Now what does it mean for Brands & Advertising Industry in 2020?

Tesla’s case was genius, not many Brands can get to that level! But did you notice.. there is something common between Internet conversation and the Meme Community…

The Meme Community defines the conversation happening on the Internet !


How close are Indian Brands closer to this community?

Well.. If you ask us, They are no where close to it!

Then what’s the solution?

The answer is Meme Marketing!

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Article written by Sibam Kumar


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