How an Organic Meme Trend created a Million Dollar PR for YouTube?

Spotted one of those ‘YouTube Playlist’ memes where in the title of a song is combined with another pop culture reference yet?

We are pretty sure you have, but if you haven’t, screen time badhao yaar (lol, just kidding)!

But wait; do you know what an organic meme trend is?

Well, an organic meme trend is a meme chain that isn’t started purposefully by someone. It starts spreading organically on the internet.

It’s a trend which originates from a single meme on the internet. If someone likes it, they share it and hence begins the cycle of an organic meme.

A similar organic meme trend sparked netizens’ interest recently, which revolved around YouTube.

While YouTube didn’t do anything, the memes that circulated automatically led to a million dollar PR for it!

Memers soon started coming up with hilarious versions of this Playlist Meme, which showed YouTube’s screen.

We have picked some of the best ones for y’all!

Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi!

Metro work? We like to call it forever work!

If you know, you know!

Oh my god!

Inserting a meme in a meme?

Kaafi literal depiction!

Netflix’s meme game is top notch!

Hum saath saath hai, janmo ke saathi…..

Hello there!

If you know, you know 2.0

Several brands took part in this trend, flaunting their YouTube Playlist!

But do you know which platform benefitted the most from it?


This entire trend just proved the potential of memes and meme campaigns.

If the content is hilarious, it becomes easier to penetrate social media feeds of millennials, consequently helping in subtle brand placement.

Got a brand to promote? Do it with memes!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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