How Advertising Agencies can leverage Memes

Digital marketers are always hunting for new attention spaces. Banner Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Ads are slowly fading away and losing their relevance. So in times like these, the question which comes up after hearing Meme Marketing is that how advertising agencies can leverage memes? 

Brands demand something fresh every time. And every time they ask that, Agency people are like :


Influencer marketing has seen substantial growth in the last 2-3 years and as a result of fake numbers and metrics available in the market, the industry is losing its authenticity.

So What’s Next?


In today’s world people spend more time with memes than themselves! Memes have become a positive escapism for many from their everyday depression, anxiety and insecurities.

Memes are more like weed for many besides they don’t cost you bad health.

This psychological shift has created a new attention space for brands where they can spread their messages through Memes on Social Media. 

This generation will be known for depression and memes. Depression being the problem and memes being the solution

Imagine the kind of impact a brand can achieve if their Memes are able to bring enlightenment to their user’s lives and at the same time able to communicate their objectives. If used correctly, this is how advertising agencies can leverage memes too.

This brings us to our main topic of discussion – Meme Marketing

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme Marketing is basically packaging you brand communication through memes and planting those memes into social media Via Army of Meme Pages

Today memes have come to a stage that they are a part of daily consumption patterns of the youth. We as a Meme Marketing Agency help brands attract attention through this art form. 

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