Hit Wicket by Hardik Pandya makes MEMES a Hit!

So the IPL Season has begun and our excitement is skyrocketing! With new matches everyday, different players and well that fake cheering sound (-_-), there is finally something to look forward to in this lazy lockdown.

23rd September, 2020 witnessed a cricket match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians, with Mumbai Indians winning the game. 

While KKR and MI battled it out on the field, Twitterati had a field day after Hardik Pandya’s dismissal by hit-wicket.

Pandya became only the 10th batsman in history to have been dismissed by a hit-wicket and well, social media was not ready to let it go easily!

But wait, what is a hit-wicket?

Just kidding! For those of you who just know batting and bowling in cricket, we’re here to help!

A hit-wicket is a mode of dismissal of the batsman when he is standing too deep in the crease and happens to disrupt the stumps, usually with his foot.

What happened with Hardik Pandya was a super rare (and well, funny) instance of him hitting the stumps with his own bat.

And as soon as he was dismissed, memers got into action!

Modiji must be happy!

Sounds like a plan!

Memers: I’ll find you and troll you.

We feel for you Rohit, we do.

Well, as you must have figured, the internet went ablaze with memes, laughter and humor!

The interesting thing was that even those who don’t really worship cricket (kaha se aatey hai ye log) were seen engaging with the memes surrounding it. 


Simple – because memes tend to engage millennials like nothing else!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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