Google Down Memes

2020 has been a weird year ~ masks, sanitizers, quarantine and lockdown have just been some of the never-imagined-before things that this year brought along and also the Google Down Memes that went viral.

And just when we all thought this shit show was about to end, Google experienced an outage and netizens were quick to term it as the season finale of 2020!

In an unprecedented event when everyone was deep into Monday blues, Google and its other services including YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Maps and more stopped working for a short period of time in the evening hours of 14th December, 2020.

Google went down and Twitter got to work almost instantaneously!

Twitter soon took it into its own hands to spread the word about “Google Down”!

Hashtags like #GoogleDown, #YouTubeDown, #GmailDown dominated social media.

While many apps experience outages now and then, Google outage was a super rare incident which affected millions of people.

As soon as Twitterati realized that even Google gave up on a Monday, memers were quick to enliven the entire social media space with memes!

We pray for the interns at Google!

What yaar 2020?

Google: Thak gaya hu vro.

Oh Jio dhan dhana dhan…

O chacha…

Chintu beta, badmaashi nahi.

All in all, netizens had a fun evening with memes pouring in continuously.

Even though Google solved the matter super quickly, it couldn’t beat the speed of the memes!

That’s the real power of memes – they’re quick, funny and super relatable!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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