Get. Set. MEME!

Why are memes so important today?

Every day, social media — especially Instagram — is becoming more and more meme-oriented.


Just one simple reason: memes are easy to consume. 

Unlike articles or videos, memes require a much lesser effort and time to consume and understand. Their short lifespans also make them perfectly compatible with social media. 

Unlike influencers who produce content that revolves around specific niches and mostly have followers who are interested in that, meme accounts tend to have a larger, more diverse following.

Even when it comes to news, meme communities are helping bridge the gap between memes and mainstream news sources. 

This is an extremely important role that they play because millennials and gen Z kids do not consume traditional forms of news as much as they consume memes.

Further, because of the quick nature of memes, they spread even before the specific event has ended.

What’s more, memes and the internet throw spotlight on news which is not covered by mainstream media sources.

For example, every form of media is rife with news about coronavirus. But in these dark times, Sonu Sood has been helping those in need. Recently he announced that he would be helping migrant workers go back home. While mainstream news sources are not covering this, people on Twitter have been spreading the word by creating memes about it.

Memes hold the Power to Unite People!

Memes also build a sense of community and bring people together. 

They are often created on the basis of universally shared experiences which makes them relatable and consequently, more likely to be shared. 

For instance, memes on mental health. Not only do they help those struggling with mental illnesses to cope better by seeing it through a humorous perspective, they make them realise they’re not alone in this fight. And this realisation is often very crucial.

Got a brand? Here’s why you should consider meme marketing!

Millennials and Gen Z kids are a huge and extremely lucrative market, who spend hours on the internet every day. 

Oh, there’s one more peculiar feature about their generation:


There, I said it.

Traditional marketing is essentially ineffective when it comes to millennials. Ads interrupt the flow of the kind of content they consume. They are intrusive to them which is why they try to avoid them as much as they can.

So, how should brands increase and maintain online engagement? 

By adapting, of course!

Meme marketing, for many reasons, is a campaigning strategy more brands should and are considering now.

Some brands that are getting it right with meme marketing are Dunzo, Netflix and Tinder! Having realised that their user base is primarily younger generations, they are now using the language their users understand. 

Curious to know more about how meme marketing works?

How can you uplift your brand’s online presence through memes?

Well, our team of millennials at Youngun India is here to help with understanding exactly that!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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